Drug Repurposing Presentation: Finding the therapeutic plausibility of a drug in any indication

biovista, aris persidis, systematic drug repositioningTo quote from a recent article by Seth Lederman, Co-Founder and CEO of Tonix Pharmaceuticals, "New markets for repurposed drugs could be the key to research and development productivity while products lose patent protection". It is safe to say that all those involved in drug discovery and development are seeking new opportunities and strategies to reduce the risk of drug development and boost innovation.

Biovista is one such company that has pioneered to spearhead the field of drug repositioning with an innovative computational approach that systematically identifies new opportunities for existing drugs. Interestingly, the technology is more than a secondary tool to maximise the potential of a drug, instead it is a tool that should be harnesses to correctly position the drug at the very beginning of development and avoid the need to reposition further down the line. Biovista were Associate Sponsors at the inaugural World Drug Repositioning Congress last year in London and it's CEO, Aris Persidis, presented on drug (re)positioning as an offensive strategy in order to leave no stone unturned during the development process.

Within the presentation, Aris dispelled many myths the surround the field of drug repositioning, for example that it only involves old, failed or small molecules, that it is an easy process, that you can't get IP on someone else's drug, that you will not be able to monetise the drug as you would an NCE and finally that drug repositioning as a strategy is not innovative.

You can freely download Biovista's presentation here from last year's World Drug Repositioning Congress in London.

If you would like to learn more about the 2nd Annual World Drug Repositioning Congress now taking place in Geneva alongside the World Orphan Drug Congress Europe on the 14-15 November 2013, visit the website here.

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