Whitepaper: The Networking Game – European BioPharmaceutical Review


One of the biggest obstacles that modern day society faces is the overwhelming cost of healthcare. Increasing changes are continuously being introduced, while simultaneously, resources are being diminished. The concepts of Regenerative Medicine offer cost-effective solutions. Besides the dwindling resources and socio-economic changes introduced by an ageing population, one of the major challenges in today’s industrialised world is the overburdening cost of healthcare (1). Regenerative  Medicine (RegenMed) offers a solution to address this challenge. However, it can be a highly complex approach to treating patients because it potentially requires  the integration of numerous scientific and clinical disciplines, as well as appropriate  infrastructures (2,3). To bring new RegenMed technologies to patients effectively, and to further accelerate the developmental pace for RegenMed therapies, strong and open collaborative efforts are needed.”

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This article published in the January 2013 issue of European Biopharmaceutical Review , Samedan Ltd, details how effective technology can help prevent the development of new cell lines being inhibited by data management systems. Power to the Database!

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European Biopharmaceutical Review is a partner of the World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress 2013 taking place in a few weeks time. There is still time to book, just follow this link >

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