Friday Funnies: Our top 5 antibody jokes

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Who said science (and in particular, antibodies) isn't fun?! Here's our five top jokes for the antibody scientist to brighten your day.


Q: What did the antibody go to the Halloween costume party as?

A: As an “immunogobulin”.


Q: Why don’t anteaters get sick?

A: Because they are full of antibodies!


Q: What do you call an incoming mass of seawater that cheers you up?

A: A PEP-tide!


Q: Did you hear about the famous Biotech Process Scientist who travelled in thirty different countries and learned to speak six languages?

A:He was a man of many cultures.


Q: What did one thermophilic bacteriologist say online to another?

A: “I think you are really hot. Your PCR or mine?”


I hope we've bought a smile to your science today. Biology hey? See, it grows on you!


However, if you're interested in the more serious business of mAbs, ADC's, bispecifics and antibody biosimilars, make sure you take a look at the European Antibody Congress 2013. Got a funny joke about antibodies, ADC's or bispecifics? Feel free to post it below!

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