Download Presentation: Understanding the strategies for delivering consistent operational excellence


In February 2013 over 250 delegates participated in the 3rd Annual Cell Culture World Congress at the Sofitel Bayerpost in Munich, Germany. This event focuses on the development and optimisation of cell culture bioproduction and explores the problem-points for each stage in the bio-production cycle. Attendees at this highly successful event were fortunate enough to hear this exciting presentation delivered by Sasa Stojkovic (Global Tech Transfer Manager, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals), ‘Understanding the strategies for delivering consistent operational excellence'.


This presentation focuses on:

· Exploring the limiting factors present in the scale-up and scale-down processes of biologic production to establish the opportunities for optimisation

· Exploring the strategies being explored to establish an operational range of parameters that will allow process performance and product quality to lie within acceptable levels

· How do you ensure that scale-down results portray the behaviour that will occur when scale-up to applied?


You can download this presentation here, or you can watch the video here.


Interested in hearing from more of our attendees? More videos and presentations to be released in the coming weeks on the Total BioPharma blog.

Interested in getting involved? Plans are already underway for the 4th Annual Cell Culture World Congress, which will be co-located with the new and exciting HPAPI World Congress. Both these events will take place from February 25-27th 2014 at the Hotel Sofitel Bayerpost, Munich.

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