Friday Funnies: our top 5 stem cells jokes


Who said science isn’t fun?! Here's our top 5 jokes for those in the stem cells and regenerative medicine sector, in order to brighten your day.


Q: What's the one drawback of the latest thing in technology, the device that can do anything imaginable – the stem cell phone?
A: It comes with a cord.


Q: Stem cell scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine – but what are they doing now?
A: They’re already working on cloning it.


Q: How do stem cells communicate?
A: By cell phones.



One cell said to the other cell, “I don’t know how to multiply!”
The other says, “It’s easy, silly, just divide!”


Last Christmas I gave you my heart –
Stem cell research scores again.


I hope we've bought a smile to your science today. Biology hey? See, it grows on you!

(NB. Like the picture above? It's sourced from Bizzaro Blog.)


However, if you're interested in the more serious business of stem cells, take a look at the Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Congress 2013, which is fast approaching! Got a funny science joke? Feel free to post it below!

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