Download: Moleac- A Specialty Pharma in Neurology and Aging

Moleac brings together Asian and Western techniques by identifying medicine discovered in China and developing them into Western mainstream medicine. Moleac’s first product, Neuroaid (also written NeuroAiD) is focused on brain stroke recovery and is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

At BioPharma Asia Convention 2013, we invited Mr David Picard, CEO of Moleac based in Singapore to give us more sights about Moleac, their products and plans for growth of the company and the investment in research. He spoke at the Pharma Partnering and Investment conference track, on the topic “Moleac- A Specialty Pharma in Neurology and Aging”.

Download the full presentation here >

7th annual BioPharma Asia Convention will be held in March 2014. Check out the website to know more >

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