Top 20 up-and-coming cell and gene therapy influencers

top 20 up and coming cell and gene therapy influencersIn a growing and rapidly developing stem cells, cell and gene therapy industry, more and more companies are starting to shine and present impressive data for promising upcoming approved therapies. The rise of these biotech companies is in great part due to their executive leadership teams, who we have highlighted in our ‘Top 20 up-and-coming cell and gene therapy influencers' report.

Download the report here.

A few years ago there were just a few companies that could be considered promising in the cell and gene therapy space with a next-to-launch status. But, today more and more companies have been emerging with promising approaches and cell and gene therapies under development.

The ranking in the report was based on research conducted with leading and emerging companies working in the stem cells, cell and gene therapies space, as well as regulators, patient groups and academic institutions.

The selection criteria included:

  • Recent increased clinical attrition
  • The ability to deploy capital formation strategies
  • Published studies
  • Awareness across different markets
  • Personal recognition

Download the report now to find out who made the list!

Did we miss anyone? Let me know – I value your feedback.

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