Download: Building Asia’s strength in biologics manufacturing- What Asia needs to do to be successful

Asia has been seen as a market with great potential in the biopharmaceutical industry. At Biopharma Asia Convention 2013, Mr Jay Padasian spoke on the topic “Building Asia's strength in biologics manufacturing: What Asia needs to do to be successful”

In his presentation, he analysed the potential and opportunities for biologic manufacturing in Asia, from the health expenditure of the Asian countries in comparison to the other countries in the world, to the trade agreements and infrastructure in Asia.

Jay Padasian is currently Senior Vice-President at Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp) leading the Business Development and Investment- BioMedical (Healthcare) Division. At BiotechCorp, Jay plays a primary role in the growth and development of Malaysia’s Biotechnology and Life Sciences Industry (Bioeconomy) through Foreign and Domestic Direct Investments (FDI & DDI) business structuring, facilitation and nurturing activities as well as Industry Ecosystem Completion activities.

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