Top 10 Highest-Performing Pharmaceutical Companies 2002-2011

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How well are pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies performing? The 2012 EU Industrial R&D Scoreboard ranked the top R&D investors from all sectors worldwide based on their average net sales growth over the last decade. The report only included companies with positive recent net sales growth, positive employment growth and positive profitability (the report identified high-performers among the list of top R&D investors using criteria detailed on pages 29-30). Of the top 50 highest-performing companies from all sectors, 13 of the firms operated in the Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology sector. Here are the top 10 best-performing pharma and biotech companies from 2002-2011 from the list:

Rank Company Country Annual sales growth (2002-2011) (%) World rank (all industries)
1 Alexion Pharmaceuticals US 75.5 1
2 Cubist Pharmaceuticals US 64.4 2
3 Celgene US 40.1 5
4 Gilead Sciences US 31.2 9
5 Salix Pharmaceuticals US 29.0 11
6 Biogen Idec US 27.7 14
7 Medicines US 25.0 18
8 Sun Pharmaceutical Industries India 21 26
9 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Israel 19 34
10 Dr Reddy's Laboratories India 18.7 36

It's interesting to note that all of the top 7 in the list are US-based companies – with the remaining 3 companies from India and Israel. According to the report, companies within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector showed the highest average sales growth.

Click here to read the full 2012 EU Industrial R&D Scoreboard.

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  1. Manfred

    In order to find the “Highest-Performing” pharmaceutical companies, annual sales growth is not necessarily the best metric. Sales is a function of pricing and marketing, and growth can obviously be higher when you start from a low level.
    We must not forget that pharmaceuticals are primarily intended to help patients. Therefore a better metric for “high performing” would be the number of innovative new drugs brought to the market, the number of patients healed, lives saved, or events prevented by the company’s products.

  2. Post

    Thanks Manfred – I have to agree that it would be ideal to include all of those metrics you mention to produce such a list. Number of patients healed would be a fascinating list to read!

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