Exclusive Interview with Kevin Huang

Exclusive Interview with Kevin Huang

Rare disease organisations are still underdeveloped and only have limited advocacy capacities and social impact, especially in China.  Recently, we have conducted an exclusive interview with the Co-founder and Executive Director of China Dolls Center for Rare Disorders, Kevin Huang.  He had shared with us the role of rare disease organisations play in expediting orphan drug development in Asia. 

Furthermore, he also discussed how patient groups can work closely with developers to ensure improved patient access for clinical trials and development as well as some of the biggest challenges faced by rare disease organisations in Asia, especially in China. 

As a rare disease patient, Kevin is very committed to rare disease communities and has conducted in-depth studies of public service industry and public policy in China since 2003, when he began to be interested in this area.  In 2008, he co-founded China-Dolls Center for Rare Disorders and has successfully made "rare disease" well-known to millions of people in the past four years.

Click here to download the full exclusive interview with Kevin. 

Join us now at World Orphan Drugs Congress Asia 2013 this June to know more about Kevin Huang and his work in the orphan drugs industry!  Visit our event website to find out more information. 

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