Download: Passive Thermal Transport Containers

Temperature controlled packaging solutions remaines as a priority for stakeholders in the biopharmaceutical space and the industry has seen increase in demand for high performance thermal packaging solutions that are cost-effective and product and energy efficient. There is an increasing demand for cold chain support services for all phases of clinical development in Asia, especially with the shift of clinical trial studies and sites to this part of the world.

At BioPharma Asia Convention 2013, Mr Fabian Eschenbach, Business Unit Manager Thermal Packaging of va-Q-tec introduced to us va-Q-tec’s passive thermal transport containers that fits the bill.

Download the full presentation here >

Key agenda includes:
– About va-Q-tec
– Passive transport solutions: Industrial standards
– Advanced passive thermal solutions
– Live shipment data
– Ambient temperatures and shipment duration vs. container performance

Download the full presentation here >

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