Download: Presentation ‘Assessing the effectiveness of Risk Management Plans’

michael k Last night's Dispatches programme in the UK followed Deborah Cohen, Investigations Editor at the British Medical Journal, as she scrutinised diabetes medications, the benefits, the potential risks and the overall benefit risk balance of these medications.

The risk benefit strategies for all drug is incredibly important and is a critical element used to reduce potential risks occurring and enlighten patients and doctors prescribing the medications so that the decision making process is transparent and informed. Benefit risk strategies are always a central theme at the World Drug Safety Congress series of events and often look at novel and proven approaches in the real world.  

Michael Kim, PharmD Process Development Leader, Risk Management spoke at this year's World Drug Safety Congress Americas in Boston and gave an interesting review of assessing the effectiveness of Risk Management Plans. Download the presentation here.

Dr Robin Gellar, Director of Risk Management of Global Pharmacovigilance, Baxter International, spoke at this year's World Drug Safety Congress Americas and provided an insightful look at "The benefit risk mindset & evolving management strategies' download it here for free.

If you are interested in learning more about risk benefit strategies, you might be interested in attending the upcoming World Drug Safety Congress Europe. View the programme here.

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