Download: Significant Acquisitions and Partnerships in India’s Biopharmaceutical Industry

Emerging markets represent the fastest growing segment of the Global pharmaceutical industry and we see pharma companies keen on addressing the opportunities offered by the Indian market. Partnership between Indian and global pharmas are particularly on the rise. Such alliances benefit from the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of the Indian partners and the extensive marketing and distribution footprint of the MNCs in those markets.

Leading up to BioPharma India Convention 2013 which will be held this 25-26 November 2013 in Mumbai, India, we put together an infograph that gives you a picture of the top acquisitions and partnership deals of India pharma companies in recent years.

Download the infograph here >

Biopharma India 2013 is the region's leading industry event where more than 300 manufacturing, clinical trials and supply chain stakeholders across India and beyond come together to identify innovation and partnership opportunities as well as best business and operationally effective practices in India's biopharmaceutical industry.

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