Download: Biosimilar watch – 8 blockbuster biologics to lose EU patent exclusivity before end of 2015


Biosimilars are the talk of the pharmaceutical industry at the moment, with many speculating on how this sector will unfold as several blockbuster biologics go off-patent in the coming years. Pharmaceutical companies worldwide (innovator companies included) are scrambling to launch follow-on biologics in order to get a piece of the profit pie. Everyone wants to know who will be launching biosimilar products, and furthermore, which ones are going to be successful in the marketplace. This eBook details a selection of blockbuster biologics that are due to go off-patent in Europe between now and the end of 2015, and indicates what companies are rumoured to be racing to launch a biosimilar to the blockbusters.


Download this ebook to learn which blockbusters are going off-patent in the EU before the end of 2015, and who's copying them.


Click here to download.


If you want to know more about biosimilars, you might be interested in attending the World Biosimilar Congress 2013, taking place this November in Geneva. Visit the website to view the speakers and preliminary agenda.

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