Download Ebook: Top 20 Big Data projects in Pharma & Biotech – Part 1

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The promise of big data

Every patient experience generates a massive amount of data which, when pooled together, can give a detailed account of their health, the effectiveness & safety of the drugs they are taking and when aggregated from other patient's data a vast library of information about entire disease states and clinical populations.

Understandably pharma is now armouring itself with vast amount of IT infrastructure and providing patient interface technologies to collect this ‘big data' and be able to develop more effective, personalised medicines with a greater value proposition to healthcare payers. For healthcare payers this data is enabling the shift of focus from reaction to prevention, which hopefully will cuts costs considerably and lead to better patient outcomes. Through consolidating data from millions of patients, both pharma & healthcare providers hope to see distinctive patterns in patient's disease & clinical responses to a given treatment; and this has inevitably lead to many interesting partnerships.

This ebook collects together some of the most exciting projects in Real World Big Data collection today.

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Highlights include:

  1. Pfizer and Humedica strategic alliance to advance capabilities to derive insights from real world data
  2. Kaiser Permanente and the largest EHR system in the world
  3. Aetna launches the Aetna Innovation Labs to look at Big Data
  4. The AstraZeneca and WellPoint collaboration – How pharma is relooking at its challenges
  5. The sleeping dragon – Novartis' investment in big data

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