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The top 10 public biotechnology companies in terms of revenue generation posted combined sales of $93.01 billion last year (2012), a growth of 12.1% on 2011. The list below shows that one biotechnology company posted sales accounting for a third of that revenue (Source: PharmaLive):

Rank (2012) Company Revenue in 2012 Net Income in 2012
1 Roche $34,935,779,034
(biotech sales estimate)
(for entire Roche Group)
2 Amgen Inc. $17,265,000,000 4,345,000,000
3 Gilead Sciences Inc. $9,702,517,000 2,591,566,000
4 Biogen Idec Inc. $5,516,461,000 1,380,033,000
5 Celgene Corp. $5,506,713,000 1,456,180,000
6 Shire Plc. $4,681,200,000 745,400,000
7 CSL Ltd. $4,617,226,820 981,224,360
8 UCB SA $4,451,785,800 324,046,800
9 Grifols SA $3,370,271,890 328,389,284
10 Novo Nordisk A/S $2,958,979,317
(biopharma sales only)

The figures come from the 22nd Annual Report: Top 100 Biotechnology Companies, available on PharmaLive.

Roche's fortunes might be set to continue, with industry analysts estimating global sales of Roche's new HER2-positive breast cancer drug Perjeta to reach nearly $2 billion during 2016, and the company's new antibody-drug conjugate Kadcyla also looking to bring in significant revenue.

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