Download: Engaging Quality by Design Concepts to develop operations for maximum capital utilization

Under the concept of ‘Quality by Design’ (QbD), when designing and developing a product, a company needs to define desired product performance and identify critical quality attributes (CQAs). On the basis of this information, the company then designs the product formulation and process to meet those product attributes. This leads to understanding the impact of raw material attributes and process parameters on the CQAs and identification and control of sources of variability.

Qbd presents numerous advantages to the industry and leads to a better overall business model. Learn more about it from Mr. Arvind Thakker, Vice President-Manufacturing of Wockhardt as he presented on the topic of ‘Engaging Quality by Design Concepts to develop operations for maximum capital utilization’ at 10th annual BioPharma India Convention.

Download the full presentation here >

Key agenda:
-What is Quality by design (QbD)?
-Concepts of Quality by Design; Application to bio similar development
-Improving product manufacturability and Optimizing capital investments: Benefits of QbD

Download the full presentation here >

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