Can GVHD be eliminated?


Every time a transplant is performed, there is a possibility of tissue rejection due to the recipient's immune response to the foreign cells. However, graft versus host disease (GVHD) can be eliminated when performing skin regeneration procedures using Bioskinco's Epifast®.

Epifast® is a layer of in vitro cultivated keratinocytes spread over a gauze with petroleum jelly, which makes it easy for handling. Epifast® is cryopreserved at -70 degrees Celsius and is free of toxins and viruses such as HIV 1 and 2 and hepatitis B, which are some of the concerns taken into consideration when a patient receives a transplant.


This marvelous product was developed by Bioskinco S.A de C.V. and the Mexican Research Institute (CINVESTAV) and is widely used in hospitals for victims of burns, ulcers and skin lesions in general. It is a 100% Mexican product and is one of the most innovative skin regeneration techniques in the world. Its mechanism of action takes advantage of the natural properties of skin cells, in this case keratinocyes, to stimulate skin regeneration.

Its secret? Epifast® does not replace the patient's own skill cells thus eliminating the possibility of GVHD. Instead, this biologically active product only comes in contact with the damaged skin and stimulates tissue regeneration through the release of growth factors, which are naturally-produced chemicals that drive cell division thus leading to tissue replacement by the body's own cells. If there are no foreign cells introduced there is no rejection, which increases patient's recovery time and treatment results. Because of this, Epifast® has revolutionized the world of skin grafting and is sure to stay around as one of the most widely used biologic skin therapies.

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