Kristian Tryggvason of BioLamina on biologically relevant laminins as the key to derivation and culture of stem cells

Kristian Tryggvason of BioLamina on laminin-based in vitro cell culture matricesKristian Tryggvason, Chief Executive Officer of BioLamina, will be speaking at the upcoming Cell Culture World Congress USA on the topic, ‘Laminin-based in vitro cell culture matrices for cell differentiation.'

Kristian kindly provided a copy of an article, originally published in GEN, entitled ‘Biologically Relevant Laminins: Key to Derivation and Culture of Stem Cells and Differentiated Cells Lies with These ECM Proteins.' Given its relevance to his session topic, I thought a closer look at this article would be pertinent.

The article discusses "the use of biologically relevant human recombinant laminins from BioLamina," to "successfully recreate specific cell niches in the cell culture dish. This enables robust cell cultivation in highly physiological microenvironments that practically solves all current technical challenges with stem cell culture."

The article goes on to look at:

  • Specialized cell-matrix interactions, and how they are required for proper functioning of cells
  • Laminin-521-based matrix, and how it enables clonal derivation and robust expansion of hES cells without destruction of the embryo
  • Optimizing the growth and function of differentiated and primary cells on tissue-specific laminins
  • Biology as key to successful use of hES and iPS cells

Take a look at the full article here.

Kristian's session at Cell Culture World Congress USA includes:

  • Assessing laminin-based in vitro cell culture matrices to offer physiological microenvironments for different types of cells
  • Resolving many of the technical obstacles currently blocking the road to modern cell therapy

For more information, download the conference brochure.

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