Public cord blood banks go hybrid public cord blood banks hybrid private family

The competition between public banks and private/family banks has grown rapidly. According to the World Marrow Donor Association 2012 report, the world inventory in public banks was 591,000 as opposed to 2.47 million in family (private) banks. Clearly the front-runners are the family banks and this is mainly due to their business model as a form of health insurance.

Public banks have been courting the idea of having a hybrid business model for economic viability. Now, they are pushed into this model for perhaps a bigger reason. Public banks are finding themselves offering cord blood banks transplantation when they normally exist for therapeutic purposes.

With cord blood banks offering both family and public banking comes many benefits. The main benefit is increased availability of cord blood for those in need, and for the discovery of regenerative therapeutic uses.

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Learn from some of the world's biggest public, private and hybrid banks at this year's World Cord Blood Congress:

Crouse, Geoff



Geoff Crouse, CEO, Cord Blood Registry,



Hillyer, Christopher



Christopher Hillyer, President & CEO, New York Blood Center



Giacin, Kenneth



Kenneth Giacin, Chairman, Stemcyte

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