Stem cell therapy wins the battle again

stem cell therapy wins the battle again

The battle to successfully develop stem cell therapies has been long and difficult for scientists and researchers. However, with tenacity and relentless efforts, there have been significant breakthroughs which led the industry forward. It has provided hope for patients with fatal conditions who have no other alternative.

One of the recent advancements was in Boston. Two men with HIV that developed lymphoma received bone marrow transplants. This led to a miracle of HIV disappearing from their systems after 6-9 months following the transplant. Although it is too early to infer conclusions and the treatment would not be a viable option for the majority of HIV patients because of the risk of mortality in the transplant, it still is a huge step forward in prevailing in the battle with HIV and could save the 34 million people affected worldwide. [Read more]

The Stem Cells, Cell Culture & Cord Blood tri-located event in September this year will be celebrating the various other advancements in cell therapy:

– Growing multi-purpose cartilage tissues

– Automating the derivation and differentiation of stem cells

– Advancing toxicity and safety trials

– Deploying small studies to uncover new pathways

– Growing cells under simulated embryonic conditions

To know more about the conference, [Click here].

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