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Today, Asia is recognized as the hotspot for pharmaceutical manufacturing, principally due to the cost advantages it provides. Nonetheless, increasing economic and environmental demands, along with the rise of competitive regions, are compelling Asia to rethink its value proposition on manufacturing.

To maintain its position as the choice location for pharmaceutical manufacturing, Asia must envisage a green future, equipped to meet increasingly stringent demands. Only then can Asia continue to capitalize on the industry's need for more efficient and productive manufacturing, cementing its indispensability to the global pharmaceutical industry.

It is mandatory to start strategizing today if the decade ahead is to be as rewarding as the last. Hence, we sat down with five thought leaders from both global and Asian pharma companies to produce a critical guidebook that will tell you ‘where we are now' and ‘where we are heading' with regards to sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing in Asia.


By understanding their vision for the pharmaceutical manufacturing  and the prospects for sustainable manufacturing in this culturally diverse region, we hope that you will be better equipped for building your manufacturing capabilities and strengthening your organization's resiliency.


>Download the ebook


This ebook was produced in the run up to the Biopharma Asia 2014 event. If you require anymore information about this event click here to visit the website

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