Download Presentation: Adverse immune reactivities of monoclonal antibodies and testing for their prediction


Developing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and ADC's is a key focus of the pharmaceutical industry's R&D. The European Antibody Congress 2012 bought together senior level executives and opinion leaders from around the globe to further their knowledge and engage in discussion on a variety of topics relating to mAbs, ADC's and bispecifics. Attendees at this highly successful event were fortunate enough to hear this exciting presentation delivered by Prof. János Szebeni, Director Institute of Nanotechnology, Semmelweis University, scientific advisor at TECOmedical, ‘Adverse immune reactivities of monoclonal antibodies and testing for their prediction'.


This presentation focuses on:

· An exploration of infusion reaction to Antibody Therapy

· Discussing the current context of mechanism of action and the implications

· Evaluating the role of complement activation and prediction of reactions with complement testing


Download this presentation here.


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