Download eBook: ‘The top 5 antibodies of 2012’


Although all the talk of the antibody industry is around ‘the next big thing' – the latest ADCs, bispecifics, multispecifics and protein scaffolds – it is important to note that the products that are bringing in large revenue for the pharmaceutical companies, and aiding in the treatment of patients, are all simple monoclonal antibodies and shouldn't be forgotten.

This eBook highlights the top 5 best selling mAbs for 2012 – all of which are generating huge amounts of revenue for their companies (AbbVie's Humira bought in over 50% of the company's total revenue for 2012). Many of these products are now approaching patent expiration and facing the threat of competition from biosimilar developers. With no mAb biosimilars available in highly regulated markets at present, only time will tell as to how this originator/biosimilar product dynamic plays out.


Download this eBook here.


Are you interested in learning more and engaging in discussion on mAbs, ADC's, bispecifics and antibody biosimilars? Do you want to hear the most recent updates on mAbs/ADCs at the clinical stage? Do you want to network with senior executives and opinion leaders from truly international antibody pioneers? Take a look at the European Antibody Congress 2013.

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