Stem cell research leads to teeth that replace themselves

There's one person that I'm positive that most of us don't rejoice seeing, the dentist. Don't get me wrong but which sane person in this world enjoys their teeth being drilled and picked by all sorts of tools made out of metal? I lost count on how many times that I've sat on the reclining seat, stared at the immaculate white walls and squeezed my eyes shut after hearing the screaming pitch of the devilish drill. I haven't experienced the pain of a root canal yet. But after having more than 12 cavities filled without anesthetics, I definitely can imagine how far more excruciating a root canal is. Wouldn't it be wondrous if we no longer had to get root canals?

Well, there's hope!

Recently I read an article (Read here) on the Wall Street Journal that was centered on this topic; scientists have made advances in treating tooth decay with stem cell research. Recent studies showed that animals that were given tooth stem cells had triggered the regrowth of the pulp (living tooth tissue). Given these results, it seems promising that in the future, stem cells will be able to regrow our decayed teeth, which will be an alternative to the gruesome dental procedures that we currently must undertake.

The stem cell industry is a fast growing one that can provide a variety of promising treatments and cures, some of which our speakers will be discussing about at our conference.

Seyedin, Mitchell


Mitchell Seyedin, President and CEO of ISTO Technologies will be talking about growing multi-purpose cartilage tissue.



Rabin, Gary

Gary Rabin, Chairman and CEO of Advanced Cell Technology will be discussing about developing an effective macular degeneration cell-based  therapy.






Renier Brentjens, Medical Oncologist of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center will be speaking about new findings on T-cells potential to combat cancer.


To learn more about how the industry is progressing, join us at the Stem Cells & Regenerative Congress later this year.

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