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Regulatory non compliance costs the pharma industry billions in fines, audits and much more each year. To avoid these fines and bad reputation pharma companies rely heavily on their compliance teams, who provide oversight from R&D to the very end of a product cycle.  With the social environment changing, a growing demand for increasing transparency and increasing responsibility compliance face a raft of challenges.

Industry representatives share what they find the biggest challenges they face in their day to day work. They also give insight and thoughts on the implications and how to overcome them.

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Contributors include

  • Britta Luescher, Compliance Director, Novartis International AG
  • Dr. Michael Bartke, Director Compliance, Daiichi Sankyo
  • Ana Gonzalez Prada, EMEA Corporate Counsel,  Ethics & Compliance, Baxter Healthcare
  • Nick Broughton, Managing Director,
  • Dr. Wolfgang Beck, Associate Partner, WMQMS Ltd.
  • Niklas Pieper, Senior Corporate Compliance Counsel, Bayer Healthcare
  • Peter Herrmann, Corporate Compliance Officer, Actelion
  • Robert McRae, Vice President, Commercial CIA Assurance, GlaxoSmithKline

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To learn more from these compliance leaders, join us at Pharma Compliance 2013 this September in London, where they will all be discussing the challenges and best practices to manage risk and enhance your compliance programme. – see the full agenda here

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