The Stem Cell Industry walking on a tightrope

Recently there has been a huge controversy centered on the integrity and validity of research by the German stem cell research group of Bodo-Eckehard Strauer (Read Here). Strauer became well known in the industry because of his publication on an autologous bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy in heart disease, however he was criticized for basing his results on a single case. When his publication was investigated and scrutinized by experts, they discovered that the 48 page report only contained 5 clinical studies with overlapping reports and over 200 errors. This was certainly took a hit to the industry.

The stem cell industry has been walking on a tightrope since its debut as a new field of medical science. Scientists are trying hard to walk past the tightrope with their continuous studies and successful breakthroughs however there are cases such as this that leads the industry to lose its balance and become vulnerable to falling completely. With the rockiness of this industry, potential investors are very hesitant to undertake risks with funding these biotechs and research labs. Without funds these biotechs could fall short of research expenses, consequently this will bring the future of curing life threatening diseases to a halt.

To help secure the grounds of the stem cell industry, it would be valuable to have the experts of the stem cell industry gather and lend hands to one another.

Join us at the Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress in Cambridge, MA with executives and scientists from biotechs such as Celgene, Aastrom and Organogenesis to discuss issues and strategies to facilitate the industry forward.

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