Brain drain: limiting quantity of scientific research in Mexico

clip_image001[1]Recently, there has been an increased concern in the future of the Mexican pharmaceutical industry since the lack of cooperation amongst government and research institutions is now evident. Quality and quantity of scientific research is one of the issues that, as mentioned in previous blogs, is a cause for weariness among international pharma, biotechs, CRO's and CMO's when deciding whether or not to enter the Mexican market.

Coincidently, heads of research institutions in Mexico have voiced their opinions on the problems brought by the limited amount of scientific researchers available in the country. Over the last decade, the number of qualified researchers has shrunk to half its size due primarily to unemployment and lack of government resources. In a recent interview, the director of the Mexican Academy of Science, José Franco, said that about 11 thousand researchers with a Ph.D. degree live in the United States alone, which is a result of limited employment opportunities coupled with lack of attention from government institutions to the scientific community. The constant migration of Mexican scientist to other countries decreases the amount of experienced researchers that the country can count on to develop new technologies and medical solutions at home. Of course there are capable and talented scientists that train other scientists while working on cutting-edge projects, but the moment young scientists looking for a job opportunity are unable to find a position that matches their skills and expertise, they consider other options and eventually move out of the country taking their creativity and knowledge with them.

Therefore, if the Mexican pharmaceutical industry is to blossom and avoid falling behind the rest of Latin America, both the government and pharma/biotech companies should focus their attention and resources on educating top-level scientists and opening up employment opportunities that meet their training and experience.

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