Download Presentation: Case study – biosimilar and bio-superior transgenic production


Biosimilars, as always, are a hot topic in the pharmaceutical space as many blockbuster drugs go off patent and pharmaceutical companies scrambling to develop and register follow on biologics. The World Biosimilar Congress 2012 brought together senior level executives and opinion leaders from around the globe to further their knowledge and engage in discussion on a variety of topics relating to biosimilar development, production and regulations. Attendees at this highly successful event were fortunate enough to hear this exciting presentation delivered by Dr Yann Echelard, President, GTC Biotherapeutics, ‘Case study: biosimilar and bio-superior transgenic production'.


This presentation focuses on:

· The advent of follow-on biologics increases the requirement for recombinant production efficiency, as there is a need to compete with innovators that have already achieved economies of scale and have amortized their manufacturing assets

· How transgenic technology offers a breakthrough approach to recombinant production that allows highly competitive cost of goods while significantly reducing capital outlays and risks associated with the construction of large manufacturing facilities


Download this presentation here.


Are you interested in learning more about biosimilars? Then you might be interested in attending the World Biosimilar Congress 2013. This event is set to discuss the global biosimilar development landscape, regulations, process development, clinical trial considerations, pharmacovigilence and a host of other topics. Or if you're interested in antibodies, this event is also co-located with the European Antibody Congress 2013. Both these events are taking place in Geneva this November.

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