What are your thoughts on Synthetic Biology?



Synthetic biology is a growing sector of biotechnology that has benefits spanning a wide range of industries. It can be utilised to develop life science tools, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, energy, and chemicals. Because of its wide scope and numerous foreseeable commercial opportunities industry, academia, government and investors are switching on to the game-changing potential that Synthetic Biology holds.

Do you work in, or have interest in Synthetic Biology? If so, we'd like to ask a few short questions about your interest in the synthetic biology industry and commercial applications of synthetic biology.

We want to know what you think – take our survey here.

Why? Because as you may have heard, we are currently preparing the agenda for Synbio 2014, the industry's first fully commercial synthetic biology congress for the pharma, chemical, biofuels and agriculture industry. It will only take a few minutes, and all respondents will be provided an eBook of the collective results, and an exclusive 10% discount off attending the Synbio 2014 event.

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