ITESM in Mexico discovers 3 new treatments for gastric cancer, depression, anxiety, and inflammation

clip_image002When asked about the possibility of entering the Mexican pharmaceutical market, many international pharmaceutical companies expressed their reluctance to invest in this market because they saw no innovation development in Mexico. From the national perspective, however, scientists and leaders of pharmaceutical companies feel that quite the opposite is happening and that scientific research and innovation prosper despite setbacks and lack of funding. So who is to be believed?

There is no better way to settle the truth than by bringing together those scientists that strive for innovation and the betterment of research in Mexico. In preparation for BioPharma Mexico 2013, we have come across many innovators eager to showcase the brilliance of their discoveries, bringing them to this conference for the international pharma community to experience.

One of the participating institutions is Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM), which is presenting four projects in collaboration with Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos. GC9 is a novel, first of its class, product that is an alternative treatment for depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Unlike typical synthetic drugs in the market, GC9 effectively treats these ailments without causing side effects due to its phytomedical design. Similarly, GC4 was designed via phytomedicine, which means it takes advantage of medicinal properties of the Mexican flora to treat muscular and arthritis pain while avoiding the complication of synthetic drugs and their complications. As per HS-Gastro, a highly effective treatment for the treatment of gastritis and gastric cancer, it stops the growth and proliferation of the bacterium H. Pylori, which infects about 60 % of the world's population.

In Mexico like any other countries, advances in the sciences and pharma industry do not happen overnight and take years of dedication and much funding, so evident signs of development mean it is time to plunge in and invest in Mexico, the most promising pharmaceutical market in Latin America.

These are only some of the projects that will be presented this October at BioPharma Mexico 2013. To learn more about these technologies and discover what else Mexican scientists have to offer, sign up today!

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