Yours for £38,000, Scéil offers Elixir of life with stem cells

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"People should be able to ‘live young', no matter how old they grow," says André Choulika, CEO of Scéil, a company offering its clientele a taste of the Elixir of youth for £38,000.

Scéil, which is part of the Cellectis Group, allows individuals to store a ‘back-up' of themselves by freezing their own adult stem cells. As part of the service, patrons can have their skin cells processed into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, which are then stored long-term at -180°C for potential use in regenerative medicine.

"Scéil gives them the opportunity to take advantage of the wave of regenerative medicine," says Choulika. "We're offering the potential for people to use their cells for their cure as soon as regenerative medicine treatments become available."

The French company claim that the service is a world-first for commercial adult stem cell storage, which is distinct from umbilical cord blood storage. If and when regenerative medicine techniques become available in the future, the company's customers may be able to use their stored stem cells to rebuild tissues and organs, and fight disease.

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What do you think? Should we all rush to ‘back ourselves up' today?

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