Singapore’s sustainable manufacturing sector meets up


" To maintain its position as the choice location for pharmaceutical manufacturing, Asia must now take the next step in manufacturing and consider the concept of sustainability." This was the opening statement made to more than 20 members of Singapore's pharma manufacturing sector in a group discussion at One Rochester, Thursday, 28 August 2013.


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In celebration of BioPharma Asia's Sustainable Manufacturing e-book, " The Way Ahead – Sustainable Manufacturing in Asia" was the driving theme for the discussion that brought representatives from the pharma players like Novartis, Roche, Sartorius, Baxter Bioscience and Millipore. Speakers, Dr Pattnaik, Director of Strategic Initiative, Merck Millipore and Mr Jogesh Bhole, Senior Expert ( Infrastructure & HVAC – Site Services), Novartis Singapore, shared about their thoughts on what sustainable manufacturing meant in their field.


Some of the key points raised by our speakers included the use of

1) Single Use Technology – its impact on the company's carbon footprint and effectiveness in bioprocessing

2) How downstream processing must develop to address higher productivity rates at upstream process

3) Innovations in downstream to tackle purification concerns in high titers processes

4) HVAC models and what can be done to maximize energy usage

5) Challenges in remodeling current HVAC designs


BPA 2014 - The Way Ahead


What else lies in store for Sustainable Manufacturing? Does Asia have what it takes to sustain a greener pharma future? Learn more about Asia's efforts in developing sustainability in pharma manufacturing with us as we continue the discussion with

Ø Operational Excellence

Ø The Green Pharma Facility Design

Ø Innovations in Upstream and Downstream Technologies

Ø Achieving lean manufacturing with a balance in quality control


Download " The Way Ahead – Sustainable Manufacturing in Asia" e-book to learn from our interviewees' vision for pharma manufacturing.


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