eBook: Asian Biotech CEOs reveal industry trends, opportunities and challenges


Biotechnology is one of the most important emerging technologies of the 21st century and has already attracted worldwide interest. Although Asian biotech industry is still years away from reaching the status the industry has elsewhere, it has matured significantly in the past 10 years and been recognized as a hotspot for biotech development.

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We sat down with six thought leaders from the most promising Asian biotechs across Asia to produce a critical guidebook that will tell you the current trends and future opportunities of Asian biotech industry. By understanding their visions and prospects for Asian biotech industry, we hope this ebook will be helpful for you to get on the right track for further development of your biotech companies in Asia or even globally.

This eBook covers:

  • The current status of biotech industry and why Asian biotech industry is still promising
  • Trends and opportunities of biotechnology industry in Asia
  • Challenges and strategies in the development of biotechnology companies in Asia

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