Thoughts of calorimetric systems and cell-based assays in the shower

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Guest post provided by Symcel

Very seldom do I think of calorimetric systems when I stand in the shower – other things are on my mind.

This particular day was defiantly different – my regular work within biotechnology had got the better of me. No way was the thought concerning a multi-channel system to do label-free cell based assays letting go. I was trying to think of music and the records I needed to buy, of the audio equipment I wanted to use, of my daughters up-coming graduation – but nothing worked. My mind was totally absorbed with the idea.

"Why is it so that there still is a struggle between the two types?

What types do you mean?

The genotype and the phenotype, that is.

To my not so biology versed friends that sound like two cartoon characters…."

What I was contemplating was a way to spread the word that there might be a better way to make metabolic characterization available to a larger audience, calorimetry.

I believe that the unique equipment we present will make compound screening, toxic studies, environmental monitoring and drug development fast, reliable assessable and specifically price-worthy.

The shower has since worked as my apple tree – today we have the calScreener ready, a brand new cell-screening tool that actually will do what I had thought of, drying myself after the shower. Download SymCel's calScreener white paper.

It's ready to be presented to a somewhat larger audience in Boston in a few weeks – but already successful trials have been made on the European side.

So should you be interested finding out more about what place heat can have in cell biology please come and listen on at the Stem Cells, Cell Culture & Cord Blood event or find my specific playlist "What about heat" on Spotify.

Or for the scientifically inclined do some reading at

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The best thoughts come to you in the shower

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