Download: No longer dependent on irreducibly complex additives for endothelial cell cultures

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This post was kindly provided by Angiocrine Bioscience.

Historically, in vitro based endothelial cell cultures have not been able to take advantage of the properties maintained in vivo due to the need for a variety of non-physiologically relevant factors to sustain cell survival and proliferation. These additions are not necessarily pro-angiogenic, can be deleterious to the cells, and can complicate the interpretation of results from in vitro systems. Angiocrine Bioscience's VeraVec endothelial cells are no longer dependent on irreducibly complex additives typically used for endothelial cell cultures.

The VeraVec products consist of both Mouse and Human endothelial cells that adapt to cell culture in a variety of media formulations, including serum-free conditions in several of our products, and yet maintain the phenotypes and behaviors expected of primary cells. All endothelial cells are treated with our proprietary technology that enables the cells to be passaged usefully 3-5 as many times as their naïve counterparts while simultaneously offering a more consistent phenotype and maintenance of the endothelial cell fate. This innovative technology confers unique properties in that cells in culture will behave more consistently from passage to passage as they are now resistant to the phenotypic drift that has plagued vascular biology research for decades.

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