Structuring and managing your legal and compliance teams internationally


Ana Gonzalez Prada, Corporate Counsel E&C EMEA, Baxter Healthcare is currently presenting at Pharma Compliance 2013 on the topic of "Structuring and managing your legal and compliance teams internationally."

She begins by describing the different types of organisation models and the traditional areas of legal expertise required in pharma:

Types of Organisation Models

*segregated teams

*traditional model- compliance and legal team combined

*hybrid- compliance and legal separated, but join forces at the top- one voice (Baxter model)


Traditional areas of legal expertise required in pharma


  • regulatory law
  • IP/IT law
  • Transaction/M&A
  • QA/PV/Manufacturing
  • Litigation


  • Anticorruption
  • Competition
  • Data Protection
  • International Trade

At what level should you build that expertise?

Gonzalez Prada argues against having it at a country level, mentioning the more segregation and separation, the more the ownership gets lost.  She states it would be better to organise at a regional or global level.


You want:

Purpose- empower key stakeholders to do the right thing- tone at the top

meet regulators requirements

Strategy- shared compliance ownership and accountability through integration of compliance into commercial and functional operations


You don't want:

Your legal and compliance team to not communicate, not hold the same values, not carry across the same message, and not partner and work together.


Traditional elements of a compliance programme

Policies and Procedures/Communication & Training – need to have a global standard

Monitoring & Auditing/Investigations- need to have more independence


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