Download: Thermo Fisher Scientific on how to quicken the pace of your stem cell discoveries


Thermo Fisher Scientific kindly provided this paper, ‘More stem cells, fewer passages: reaching your discoveries faster.’

Download the document now.

The paper explores two options for stem cell culture:

  • HyCell-STEM, which is intended for use with stem cells on feeder layer cultures; and
  • HyCell-STEM-FF, which is designed for use with stem cells in feeder-free conditions

As stated in the paper, with the help of these two media, "you can expand the growth of ES and iPS cells by up to two orders of magnitude over standard feeder culture conditions, all while maintaining pluripotency. With the ability to increase pluripotent cell numbers in fewer passages, you can ultimately quicken the pace of your stem cell discoveries."

The paper goes on to look at some of the advantages of these media, including:

  • Improved performance: healthy stem cell morphology, high rate of expansion, maintaining stemness
  • Quality results from quality products – preserving pluripotency, improved post-thaw recovery

Download the paper for more information on Thermo Fisher Scientific's HyCell-STEM and HyCell-STEM-FF media.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a sponsor of the upcoming Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress, taking place next week in Cambridge, MA.

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