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Wouldn't it be delightful to have a reliable app that saves your trip to the clinic or at the doctor's? Thanks to today's technology you can sufficiently rely on some easy to use apps which can diagnose diseases, offer medical guidance, and provide prominent features that give valid information on your probable queries.

Here we list a few health care related apps that your mum would be very happy about. At least now she can worry a little less for you!

Diabetes Food Guide:


Here's an app that answers prayers for all those who suffer from diabetes. Just as the name implies the app is specifically designed to assist, guide and provide relevant information regarding the disease and helps alleviate pain for those who are suffering or anyone who wants to help improve their quality of life.

Some Cool Features: The most fascinating feature about this device is that by using it you will be in a better position to know beforehand if you are moving towards complicated stages. For instance in "Types of Diabetes": The feature provides information on the kinds of diabetes that exist and is equipped with a dietary plan for each kind with an insight on symptoms and how to deal with them.

Verdict: One of the notable things about this application is its user friendliness. No botheration of opening the menus. It is important to note that food groups incorporated gives you comprehensive information about you daily diet. You can easily distinguish between what is best for you to eat and what to avoid. Above all it has tips regarding eating and health care. There are also features that provide regular exercises for you to have a more optimized life.

Download this app here.

Pregnancy Calculator:


According to World Health Organization:

"Every day, approximately 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth."

Now with an iPhone application a lot of important information is available at the tips of your finger tips.

Some Cool Features: It works just like a calculator, on installing this application on your phone; one can put their worries at bay. Not only does it give necessary details you want to know during pregnancy but also tells how your baby is developing and looks in the womb, the number of months passed and even offers precious advice. One of the most important thing is it gives guidance about how to keep away from any complications that may arise during the phase of pregnancy.

Verdict: You can use this application anywhere, whether you are travelling, working, watching television or shopping. It has the ability to give you information about the development taking place during this delicate period.

Download this app here.

Mango Health:


The aim of using Mango Health is to help you take your doses and medication on time, in a reward based way. Now you have an incentive to stay responsible and not be nagged about watching out for your health.

Some Cool Features: Usually people face difficulty in taking their doses on time. Mango Health gives you a very unique way of dealing with this situation. You will receive frequent reminders and those reminders are written in a very polite manner. The Mongo Health will give you rewards for doing this. Earn more and more points and you will be awarded with gifts. Some of the examples of the gifts that you may win are: different types of gift cards from the stores, donations to leading charities and much more.
Verdict: What could be more important than health? Here you can breathe instant relief by knowing that you do not need a nagging person to take care of yourself. You have your friendly polite app for that.

Download this app here.



Pokitdok has emerged in the market with the aim to provide health services to their customers. The attraction for the consumers is that they can directly shop from the providers and it's cost-effective as well.
At first it was announced as a "Pinterest for healthcare". This mobile application is designed in such a way that it offers the payer variety of tools that facilitates them in performing different transactions.

Some Cool Features: Another feature is that it smoothly collects accurate data based on the individual and medical needs with the ability of locating the ideal provider. Above all it helps the patient in taking healthcare decisions keeping in view both the convenience and cost.

Verdict: There might be a possibility that the consumers won't be interested in paying online for the health services, although we may surely say that it will help in taking better care decisions.

Download this app here.



Here is a virtual health assistant for you. Now you can easily call or have a secure chat with a "Certified Medical Assistant". Just become a member and it will take care of all your medical needs.

Some cool Features: Navigation and pursuing for health care has made it possible to attain for community discounts and save your money. Arrangements regarding exams, medications, labs are just a click away and above all it is all free of cost.

Verdict: By becoming a member you are awarded with a number of features. Send reminders, orders and refill prescriptions, keep a track of appointments, make arrangement for tests and lab work, insurance and safe home delivery. It has an easy access to get an appointment with your doctor, dentist or therapist. So use it and get gifts and ask for medical tips etc. This virtual assistant also interacts with human experts whenever necessary. So use your phones and get going!

Download this app here.


Last but not the least, there is no substitute for a good doctor but as mentioned earlier, above stated information will give you an idea about benefits of using mobile applications and subsequently can prevent you from further complications that may arise.

About the author: Selena Mitchell is a mobile application developer at Social Cubix, which develops iPhone, Facebook, Mobile and Android Applications and one of the finest app development company in US. She's a regular contributor clip_image011at Business2Community, SocialMediatoday, Examiner, instantshift, Site pro New and other sites. Get in touch with her on Google+.

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