Download: Glykos on novel ways to isolate, characterize, expand and enhance the performance of stem cells

Glykos on glycomics and stem cells

Glykos kindly provided this document entitled, ‘Utilizing Stem Cell Surface Glycans: Novel Ways to Isolate, Characterize, Expand and Enhance the Performance of Stem Cells.'

Download the document here.

In this whitepaper, Glykos explores stem cell glycomics. "Glykos' scientists were the first to discover and patent the glycomes of embryonic and adult stem cells together with collaborators at the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service and University of Helsinki. Glykos has generated a proprietary database of stem cell and differentiated cell glycomes and is the sole owner of an intellectual property portfolio of over 25 patent application families and granted patents."

The paper goes on to look at:

  • Glycan markers of stem cells
  • Glycoreagents for cell culture
  • Efficient generation of iPS cells

Get the whitepaper now for more information on this topic.

Glykos was an exhibitor at the 2013 edition of the Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress.

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