Site Specific ADC Generation Using SMARTagTM Technology

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Title: Site Specific ADC Generation Using SMARTagTM Technology
Speaker: Dr. David Rabuka, CSO Redwood Bioscience

Dr. David Rabuka from Redwood Bioscience, the poster presentation will discuss the development of a novel technology platform that enables precise, programmable, site- specific chemical protein modification. Leveraging the target sequence of  Formylglycine Generating Enzyme, via the SMARTagâ„¢ Technology, homogenous enhanced biotherapeutics can be engineered, including ADCs.    The presentation will discuss how the novel conjugation chemistry results in ADCs having enhanced stability while maintaining the potency of the cytotoxic payload.  Additionally, the poster will highlight data demonstrating SMARTagTM ADC efficacy and safety in preclinical tumor models and PK studies.
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To find out more about Site Specific ADC Generation Using SMARTagTM Technology, take a look at this poster as provided by Catalent >

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