Download Presentation: Clinical Trials in Huntington and Alzheimer’s Diseases Completing this year



At this years BioPharma Asia Convention, Geoffrey Kempler of Prana Biotechnology delivered the presentation: Clinical Trials in Huntington & Alzheimers Diseases completing this year.


Some of the slide titles in this presentation include:

  • Metal Hypothesis: A Differentiated Novel Therapeutic Strategy
  • PBT2 – a Differentiated Novel Therapy
  • Prana Asset Pipeline
  • Alzheimer's: Memory is just a part of the disease
  • Problems begin many years before full dementia
  • Targeting Executive Function and Memory
  • PBT2 improves Executive Function
  • Alzheimer's Phase II IMAGINE Trial
  • Huntington Phase II Reach2HD trial
  • Path to Market – First Approval HD
  • Opportunity to Commercialise PBT2 to Market

Click here to download this presentation

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