Download: eBook ‘How to implement digital communications strategy’

digitalcommstrat The Pharmaceuticals industry in 2012 spent 40% more on digital innovation than in 2011. Healthcare companies that once focused on developing products and delivering services—often independently—must now come together to deliver improved health solutions and patient outcomes. Life science companies are chief among the health organisations affected by this change. Transforming their sales and marketing functions is critical to achieving high performance in this new environment. We've put together an eBook focusing on ‘How to implement digital communications strategy' with some case studies from leading Pharma companies.

Download your copy of the eBook here.

Do you want to learn more about implementing a digital communication strategy? We're hosting DigiPharm 2014 next October here in London. DigiPharm 2014 will discuss the challenges and strategies used to enhance online communication, customer relationship, strengthen brand awareness and improve profitability in digital marketing. Find out more information here.

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