Download: Re-assessing Orphan Drugs After 4 Years of CED

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2013’s Pharma Pricing & Market Access Europe included discussions and presentations on topics like the valuing of new medicines and the future of value based pricing, achieving market access for orphan & rare disease products, achieving market for diabetes oncology and primary care products, patient access and flexible pricing schemes.

An important presentation, notable for its discussion about the media and public role in pricing and pharma markets, was given by Martin van der Graaff from the Dutch Healthcare Reimbursement Authority, CVZ entitled “Demonstration and remonstration: re-assessing orphan drugs after 4 years of CED”

Download the presentation and learn about:

  • Problems with Pompe and Fabry re-evaluation after 4 years CED
  • “Outcomes” research
  • Reassessment woes
  • Reimbursement arrangements in some other countries
  • Future challenges

Download the presentation

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