New Report Seeks to Quantify the Impact of Digital Marketing for Pharma

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We here at Total Biopharma have always been positive about the role social media can play in the pharma industry, and we certainly aren’t alone. But there has so far been little investigation into the effects of social media marketing for pharma companies, or the possibilities it can hold.

But this hasn’t stopped pharma companies and biotechs turning to a more social marketing platform in order to address problems well beyond just consumer engagement and public relations via Facebook and Twitter

Patient specific, and research specific social networks have popped up all over the internet, as well as moves towards harnessing the patient power within these social networks to dramatically increase clinical trial participation. Social media for pharmaceuticals may now represent a very real opportunity to cut costs whilst improving patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and increase innovation. We have seen a surge in the number of mobile apps available to consumers, and even the gamification of consumer engagement as a result of improved mobile technology

But how can we quantify all of this? Global Industry Analysts Inc are currently in the curating a report on the impact of digital marketing and social media upon the pharma sector according to industry heads, marketing experts and current social players. The report will analyse the role social marketing can play in the emerging era of participatory medicine, increasing clinical trial participation and improving the quality and quantity of consumer feedback.

To hear more about the project, or to get involved, visit the report website here.


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