Download: A-Z of Clinical Trials

A-Z of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are currently undergoing a massive overhaul in how they are designed and executed. With the cost of clinical trials skyrocketing in the west, new innovations are providing researchers with the tools to improve data quality whilst reducing costs: Something that is especially important given drying up of the new substance pipelines across the pharmaceutical industry.

In March 2014 London will play host to the 7th annual Clinical Outsourcing World Europe. This event brings together experts and key industry players from across Europe and the world to discuss and offer insight into new innovations and the ever adapting world of clinical trials and outsourcing.

But just to give you a head start, we have produced an A-Z guide to clinical trials which offers up details of new innovations, designs and practices that pharma researchers should all be aware of.

Here’s just a taster of what you can find out about by downloading the guide

  • A – Adaptive Clinical Trials
  • B – Big Data
  • C – Clinical Outsourcing & Partnering World
  • D – Disruptive Innovation

Download the entire A-Z here

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