Why big pharma invests in some emerging markets and not in others


This was presented by AstraZeneca’s Executive Director & Head of External Collaborations for Emerging Markets, Ajay Gautam, at the Biopharma Mexico Convention held in Mexico City last October. AZ, along with other big pharma, have looked to emerging markets such as Brazil, China, Korea, Taiwan, Russia and Israel for innovation.

What do these markets have that make them attractive for investment? Ajay mentioned four key things: increased funding, improved capabilities, expanded talent pool and a stronger IP. There is obviously room for improvement so pharma will invest even more.

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Click here to read more about this in an interview conducted by PharmAsia:

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Part 2: http://www.elsevierbi.com/Publications/Pharmasia-News/2013/12/23/AstraZenecas-Ajay-Gautam-On-Innovation-From-Emerging-Markets-An-Interview-With-PharmAsia-News-Par?result=2&total=12&searchquery=%253fq%253dajay%252520gautam

Mexico aims to grow its pharma sector and although it has made several positive changes in regulation, this is just a start. If it wants to attract serious big pharma investment and be among innovative markets, it needs to seriously look into the four key factors above-mentioned.

If you have a novel and innovative pharma product/study/discovery, make sure you protect your IP and be confident in approaching big pharma for potential partnership and collaboration. They are more open to it now more than ever.

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