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The challenges that the pharmaceutical industry faces in launching a drug are plentiful and well documented. From the cost of R&D, high failure rate, ever toughening reimbursement requirements and ever growing competition. One significant element of getting a product approved is a successful clinical trials. It is an exciting time for the industry as there are signs of change in the way clinical trials are run, with new organisations and partnering models leading the way, innovative approaches to clinical trials and new technologies disrupting the traditional approach.

This ebook highlights some key stumbling blocks in clinical trials and some of the disruptive innovations that are shaking up the way they are responded to. Download ebook

Key stumbling blocks include:

  • Common clinical trial logistics issues
  • Choosing the right endpoint
  • Getting the right patient & keeping them

Download ebook

This will be discussed and debated in detail at Disruptive Innovation in Clinical Trials. Our dedicated panel discussion on this topic will include:

Ben Goldacre, Writer, Broadcaster and Medical Doctor
John Warren, Founder, Medicines Assessment, previously MHRA
Panellists: Professor George Szmukler, Associate Director, NIHR MHRN
Simon Denegri, Chair, INVOLVE, NIHR National Director for Public Participation and Engagement in Research, NIHR
Dr Kirsty Wydenbach, Medical Assessor Clinical Trials Unit, MHRA

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