AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb Diabetes Alliance Provides $5 Million Grant for American Diabetes Association’s Pathway to Stop Diabetes Research Initiative

With diabetes projecting to hit more than half a billion of the population by Year 2035, there is an increasing need to look into diabetes management and personalized treatment. In view of this, AstraZeneca and BMS U.S Diabetes Alliance will be supporting the American Diabetes Association’s Pathway to stop Diabetes research program in a three-year grant.  The objective is to fund new diabetes researchers and uncover all issues surrounding diabetes including its diabetes type and complications.

According to Rich Daly, president of AstraZeneca/BMS diabetes alliance, he is definitely looking forward to the advancement on diabetes research. Meanwhile, AstraZeneca and BMS diabetes partnership is involved in developing and commercializing various treatment solutions that aim to achieve results beyond glucose control.

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