The World Cord Blood Congress is where industry experts like AuxoCell's Rouzbeh Taghizadeh meet to network, learn from each other, and discuss the latest cord blood strategies and technology.

AuxoCell’s Rouzbeh Taghizadeh Shares Expertise on Umbilical Cord Tissue

Rouzbeh Taghizadeh,Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of AuxoCell, presented at the World Cord Blood Congress in 2013. You can now download his presentation slides from the event, where he addresses umbilical cord tissue MSC banking for transplantations and regenerative medicine.

While you’re viewing the slides, you can also view the recording of his presentation. After all, we wouldn’t want you to miss anything, right?

View the slides and watch the presentation here

During his presentation, Rouzbeh addresses:

  • Current limitations in cord blood units for transplantation: HSCs volume and number
  • The use of ex-vivo expansion to increase engraftment efficiency of cord blood units
  • The impact of direct effect of the lack of MSCs in cord blood units on engraftment efficiency
  • Increasing the engraftment efficiency of current inventories of cord blood units
  • How can cord tissue MSCs be additionally for regenerative medicine purposes, beyond cord blood transplantations

Watch the presentation here

Rouzbeh’s session was part of the event segment focused on cold chain and engraftment efficiency. Other speakers represented during this segment included Cryo-Cell’s Linda Kelley, Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics’ John Davies, and the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation’s Frances Verter.

Is cord blood an important part of your business? If so, you should ¬†join us for this year’s event, taking place September 15-16 in Boston, MA. Hope to see you there!